I absolutely love Disney! So my blog will consist of everything I love, many different disney movies, and Once Upon A Time! I cannot wait until Season 2 comes out! I am 18 years old and waiting to start my life as a hair stylist! Before I do I hope to go to Disney World for the first time ever! And just truely enjoy life! I am very talkative and will answer pretty much anything you ask! Feel free to ask me anything in my ask box! <3 Also Anyone is allowed to join my families, just message me the characters you wish to be and if they are not taken you are in! Have a wonderful day everyone! <3

Mamoru’s best when in pain, scared or suffering (preferably all together)
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Rewriting Disney RPG

Hey guys I know all you Disney lovers might be interested to know that there is a new Disney role playing spin off! I have applied and they need more people to start it off! There is a lot of male choices and female ones too! Come and see!

((back from the dead! And updated my families! If anyone wants to take picks of anyone that isnt there then mesage me! I fixed the link to my OUAT family as well!))







And I have been since I was 12.






*Preprocessed carbon atoms
keepmovingforward-disney sent: hi can i be woody from toy story ? thanks.

Yes welcome to the family Woody!

leonheart-moved sent: hi! I'm Cinderella in your Disney Family and I've just changed my url to love-disney-favs do you mind changing the link please?

not at all! I’m on it!